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Donor Rewards Program also has a Tidy Time Donor Rewards Program these are tracked by us with the email that is connected to your account. If you are a onetime donor or using our instant check out you cannot participate in this program; therefore we urge you to set-up an account with us! 


2 Bags Donated = $10.00 off one order

4 Bags Donated = $15.00 off one order

6 Bags Donated = $20.00 off one order

8 Bags Donated = $25.00 off one order

Our Tidy Time Donor Rewards Program is on a yearly rotation upon receiving your first Tidy Time Donation Bag filled with usable clothing, gear, toys, and accessories. After, the 365 day rotation your Tidy Time Donation Bag count goes back to zero. If you donate 8 bags within the year filled with usable items, you will collect $70.00 CND dollars in savings! The codes for your donor rewards will be sent to you via email and maybe used at any time, you can only use one code at a time and they are used at check out. These coupons are used directly on product, since shipping is free. If you do not use all of the reward, you will not be able to use the remaining balance. Your rewards can be used towards, online product and in-store product. So, don't think twice on using our Tidy Time Program, get a bag and donate today! 

Please join us in our support of Canada's most defenceless and vulnerable youth, shop and donate today! 

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