Keeping Our Children Safe

Babygagaa is huge about the safety, in every avenue of our business, from everyone in our community, our staff and our website.

We do all that we can to ensure that all the products that we sell meet mandatory and voluntary safety standards. We are committed to providing safe locations for you to purchase your products, trustworthy and honest staff to provide you with the care you need in case of assistance, and the oppourtunity to know that your child is safe and secure with all the items that you purchase or are going to purchase with us.

We evaluate all used and new products that market on the ‘new to you’ market place, and on our store shelves. We keep up to date on all recalls or retrofitted items; safeguarding that all of our products meet current safety criteria. Recalled product is immediately pulled from our ‘new to you’ market place and boutique shelves.

Our staff is committed and knowledgeable about child safety and are dedicated to keeping you and your family safe while shopping with us.

We do not take these listed items due to safety concerns:

  • Clothing with drawstrings or toggles (that are free and more than 75mm long)
  • Bath seats
  • Walkers
  • Cribs with drop sides
  • Toys or equipment which appear on the recall list

Babygagaa has cultivate a list with links to many institutions, businesses and associations who all want to keep Canadian children safe:

Health Canada
Transportation Canada
National Highway Taffic Safety Administration
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Toy Industry Association, Inc.
Juvenile Product Association
Safe Kids Worldwide 

Saftey 1st
Fisher-Price & Mattel
Graco & Century
Little Tikes

If you have any inquries please contact us at: