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Help Babygagaa.ca in support of the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada; spread the WORD!

Across Canada there is approximately 30,000 youth that are ready and waiting to be adopted. However, only 2,000 of these children are adopted, yearly.

Children who become crown wards/ permanent wards are the lawful responsibility of the government, because their natural parents are no longer able to provide them with the necessities of life. Many of these children are bounced from home to home, lacking support and love from a permeant family. While dealing with their emotional, spiritual, mental and sometimes physical pain on their own; usually separated from their siblings. With the average age of a child waiting in the system to be adopted’ only being 8 years old and the typical wait time for adoption being over 5 years; it is way too long!

For those that do not find forever families, once they leave the care system they are highly more likely to drop out of school, become homeless, become a statistic in the justice system, or become teen parents once they leave care.

Remember that all these children have not chosen to go into the system, these kids have been born into situations that by no fault of their own have landed them in the system.

With your support you can help ensure that all youth have an equal oppourtunity to thrive. You can do this by simply purchasing a Babygagaa Cuddle Buddy or spending $25.00 or more at Babygagaa.ca or at our store location at 358 Midland Ave., Midland Ontario, L4R 3K7.

By believing in the gifts you give and the companies that you are purchasing from, like Babygagaa.ca you are supporting The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada that in return are standing up for the youth of our nation, along with The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Evan B. Donaldson Institution on Adoption, Adoptive Families Association of B.C., Adoption Council of CanadaAdopt Ontario and the North American Council on Adoptable Canada.

Let’s electrify a change for the children and youth who have experienced or are at risk of abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Let’s transform their prospects for a brighter, successful future.

Let’s stand up together for kids in care and that have aged out of care that are desperate for our support.

Change starts with our children, make a difference shop at Babygagaa.ca!