Support Learning

Support Learning

Babygagaa Cuddle Buddy is in support of constructing brighter futures through education; presented to you in partnership with the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada.

All Children have the right to an education and the chance at an optimistic future. Investing in education is the solitary most operative way to build resilient individuals and healthier outcomes for the youngsters that are leaving the security of the child welfare system.

However, for the children that are in care, it is not that easy. These young people face many barriers; more than 235,000 of them in Canada are at risk of abuse and neglect. Depriving them of the support needed to grow and thrive, facing a future of uncertainty. Which make the likelihood of attaining a post-secondary education insurmountable.

Furthermore, on average a 4 year post-secondary degree cost approximately $80,000, meaning that enrollment is less than half of the general population.

Every time that you buy a Babygagaa Cuddle Buddy you are supporting and motivating the young people in Canada that are in or have been in the child welfare system to improve their academic performance and attitude towards learning.

With every purchase of a Babygagaa Cuddle Buddy all net profits are directly contributed to the youth that need it the most. With little to no family, unstable employment and extremely limited funds and resources, affording college or university can only seem but a dream.

So, please help us make some dreams come true and purchase a Babygagaa Cuddle Buddy today.