What is Tidy Time?

Tidy Time is a program that allows you to change and improve the lives of children and youth that have been touched or are in the Canadian child welfare system. With your dontation you help maintain and support a wide-range of high-impact programs and service that assist the needs of defenceless youngsters across Canada. Just one bag of gently used products helps, the youth that are at risk or need. Too many of our children are suffering in poverty, while others are victims of abuse and neglect. By, using the Tidy Time program you are supporting our nation's youth in five areas; enrichment, education, pervention, healing and recovery. Use the Tidy Time Program so that you can continue to transform the lives of Canadian children and make some dreams come true.

Thank you so much if you have chosen to donate your child's porducts, with the Tidy Time Program. All of the items that come from these bags are transitioned into a new life. In your Tidy Time envelope you will recieve. Your donation bag, easy to follow instructions, a postcard, shoe sizing chart and instructions on what to fill your bag.