Welcome to Babygagaa, we want to extend our gratitude and thanks for checking us out.  Babygagaa understands the costs of purchasing gear for your growing child. We want what is best for your growing little ones. So, here at Babygagaa we have committed ourselves to our four C’s.

We have committed to sourcing thousands of family brands to arrive daily. Babygagaa is a great way to get your clothing, accessories, toys and gear, picked up or delivered to you directly, and economically; all with a couple clicks and for discount prices. Providing you with a way to get quality, valuable and safe essentials for your child as they grow. You can refresh your youngster’s toys, gear, accessories and clothing without even leaving your home. We understand that being a full time parent or guardian is a very important job and that is why we are here to assist you. So grab a coffee or a tea, sit down and shop our great selections of nearly new items right now or pop into our store location; downtown Midland, Ontario Unit 4 in the Georgian View Shoppes Mini Mall, 231 King Street, L4R 3M1. We know you will find something you love!

Babygagaa is committed to quality control promise of continually supplying safe, clean and valuable nearly new clothing, accessories, toys and gear. All our products are hand inspected and cleaned. We pride ourselves on finding even the smallest stain. Before packing your order we then inspect your items again. If you have ordered an item to be shipped, and we have detected a discrepancy, a sticker is put on the item, you will receive the item and a credit. When purchasing items on Babygagaa please use the maximization tool and star ratings. We take time and care with each item for your benefit, to provide you with the best customer service experience, from purchasing to receiving.

The commitment of unbelievable savings, is one of the most positive moves provided by Babygagaa. With savings up 80% on exciting ‘new to you ‘items that arrive daily. We not only offer you budget friendly savings, but we also give you the oppourtunity to do your part in saving our planet. Reduce you carbon footprint instantly, by recycling your child’s clothing with our Tidy Time Program, or purchasing product from our fantastic ‘new to you’ market.

Babygagaa is committed to supporting The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada. It is Canada’s leading charity devoted to improving the lives of children and youth involved with the child welfare system. They maintain and supply a wide-range of high-impact programs and services that unswervingly service the needs of the defenceless youngsters across Canada. Help Babygagaa, give to The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada so that we may continue to transform the lives of Canadian children and support their efforts to reach more than 67,000 children that need our help. You can do this by purchasing a Cuddle Buddy or making a purchase of $25.00 or more in your ‘new to you’ market place.

So, there you have it Babygagaa is good for your budget, good for the economy, good for the planet, good for the children of our nation and is safe, clean and of great value. But, not too good to be true, so get to shopping! There are many reasons why buying at Babygagaa is so essential, being united in purchasing ‘new to you’ products is more important than ever. Together our impact on earth is far greater if we hold hands and do it, so joins us on our journey to making Canada even more magical.