Our Story

We are a mother and daughter team that nurtured Babygagaa with love and determination to blossom into a successful business to improve the lives of the children and youth across our majestic nation. Especially, those that have been touched or are in the child welfare system. So, that we may assist in maintaining and supplying services needed by the defenceless youngsters from coast to coast.

We believe in being problem solvers, not excuse makers. We pride ourselves on being our best for you; thinking outside of the box, and focusing on the solutions to achieve greatness.

Exhaustion is all in a day’s work, and we will keep on going. Many of our fantastic achievements have been accomplished accompanied by exhaustion; our determination keeps us going.

Being remarkably authentic is practiced in our business and personal lives daily. When people don’t know they tend to speculate, when they think they tend to fabricate, and when they know the truth is priceless. Keeping our business communications open, honest and truthful is a loving act.

Creating Babygagaa and following our dream as a cohesive team is important to us; so that we may create a path that others may follow. A large portion of our lives is filled with work, and we believe to be gratified is to do what you truly believe is tremendous work. The way in which we do this is by honouring our exclusive life missions, following our dreams. Influencing doors to open and creating opportunities not only for us, but for other trail blazers as well.

We are not alone in this world and as women in business, we clutch to our social responsibilities to compose a thriving nation that we are consciously contributing to. Blurring the lines between work and higher purpose. Wearing our social responsibilities proudly, where doing ‘good’ actually means doing ‘good’ business and contributing to the nation in a positive way.

Thinking big and helping bigger, we have adopted the   philosophy of appreciativeness, giving thanks for everything that has happened and will happen. There is lessons to learn in the good and the bad. Establishing Babygagaa to make a difference, in every achievement there is a success not just for us; but also for our community, which will lead to something bigger and better for all of us.

We locate and appreciate new to you items and send them out to be loved again. We have a great admirations for our environment; we are proud to be by Canadian’s for Canadians we believe that we strengthen our nation that we are proudly sharing.