Frequently Asked Questions


How does work? understands the needs and costs of getting that gear for your growing children. We know that you want what is best for your family. is the way to get all your clothing, toys, accessories, and gear for your children; economically at reduced prices. Shopping with us is not only improves your families budget; it also reduces your carbon footprint. You can also purchase a Babygagaa Cuddle Buddy all net profits go into a bursary fund with the assistance of the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada. If you wish to make an even bigger impact when you purchase $25.00 CND or more donates 10% of that purchase to the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada and if you spend $75.00 CND or more you also get free shipping.


What is a BabyGaGaa Cuddle Buddy?


Cuddle Buddy is an adoptable plush animal that come to your home and become a part of your family. The minimum cost of a Cuddle Buddy is $25.00 CND; because all of the net profits are contributed into a Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada bursary fund. The average amount contributed when a Cuddle Buddy is purchased on your website is $5.00 - $10.00 CND; when one is purchased at our store location the contribution goes up considerable $15.00 - $20.00 CND. (These numbers are based on a $25.00 Cuddle Buddy)


Why Should I create an account with


Creating an account with us, will get you rewards and you will achieve even more savings on your purchases. Create an account today!


How do I edit my account information?


You can edit your account information by selecting the edit option, while you are signed into your personal account with


What do I do if I have forgotten my password?


If you have forgotten your password, just click the Forgot Your Password? link at the top right hand side of the home screen where you sign in or you can do this when you check out. Follow the directions and we will send you an email with a new password you can then change your password from within your account once you have gained access.


Do I have to have an account with to purchase or donate?


No, you do not have to have an account, you can use our instant check out. However, we recommend you create an account with us to collect rewards and achieve even more savings.


Can I place an order from outside of Canada?


We are 100% Canadian, I am sorry but we only accept Canadian transactions.


What types of Payment do you accept? accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and check (which takes considerably longer)


Do you charge TAX?


No does not charge TAX on product.


What are the rates for shipping?




How long does it take for my order to be delivered?


Our orders deliver via Canada Post Ground Services your order should arrive between five to seven business days. However, you can add two to five business days or more if you live in a remote area, or it is close to the holiday season. We send deliveries out every other day to insure that there is no delays on our behalf. But, we cannot guarantee the delivery times because we use another company to deliver are parcels via mail; and we are not responsible in any way possible for the delays that may occur after it leaves


What happens to undeliverable packages?


Undelivered package are a seldom occurrence but it does happen. Usually it is due to incorrect address spelling, failed delivery attempts, or the parcel is not picked up in the required time at the postal location. is not responsible for packages that are returned undelivered. There will be absolutely no credit or return issued for the merchandise or shipping on these orders. Your account will also be charged with the full shipping price plus tax and any occurred fees that has sustained because of an undelivered package.


How does deicide how much items are worth?


We decide cost upon brand, need, popularity and adherence to our criteria.


How do I know that the products are in great condition?


We only want the best for your children, trust us to do our job to the fullest, for you.


What is a Peak-a-boo box?


They are filled with play clothes, toys, gear, and accessories. Sometimes they even contain a brand name item or two. But, you only get to peak-a-boo; you get ton of value for your money with these boxes and the shopping is done for you. The peak-a-boo boxes are not rated because you get an assortment of stared items in the box. You cannot exchange the items in the box and they are non-refundable.


How do you get your items?


From you, we except donations, order a Tidy Time Donation Bag, and clean out your child’s toy chest, closet, book shelf, or game box, whatever it may be and send it to us for FREE.


What bag do I send my baby items in?


Order a Tidy Time Donation Bag. Please use one of our bags, because they are FREE. will not accept anything that is not in one of our Tidy Time Donation Bag or is over 30lbs, if you send us a bag that is not ours via mail or that is overweight you will be charged for the full shipping price + taxes and $25.00 CND service fee. If you are donating at our store location please drop it off when we are open, we will be happy to take care of your items for you.


Where can I find a Tidy Time Donation Bag?


In addition to typing TTDB in the search bar at the top of right hand side of our home page, you can also click on Tidy Time Donation Bag wording mentioned anywhere on the site and it will link you to the page where you can get the bags. The Tidy Time Donation Bag is also connected to all of our shopping categories.


How much does Tidy Time cost?


Tidy Time Donation Bag is absolutely FREE. Order a bag now!


What happens to my Tidy Time Donation bag?


It usually takes seven to fourteen business days for your donation to arrive. Then it is taken to processing, this can take up to fourteen business days. When processing is done, the items we are able to resell will go to our market and the others go to charitable organizations that have uses for these products, or we take these items and give them away at our shows.

Can I order more than one bag?


Yes, you can order as many bags as you need. Please do not order more than you need. One bag will approximately hold 6 piece crib set, or a laundry basket of clothing.


How many bags can I send?


You can send as many bags, which you have completely filled, if you have a bag that is not completely full please send it on a later date.


What can I send in my Tidy Time bag?


Please let direct you to our, What We Accept.


What is the use of the postcard that comes with the Tidy Time Donation Bag envelope?


Please fill out the information on the postcard and include it inside the Tidy Time Donation Bag. This is so you understand that once the donation goes into the bag it is our property and that it will not be returned to you. Filling out the postcard also provides us with a way to reward you for your donations.


What do I do if I have lost my postcard?


If you lose your postcard please include a piece of paper in the bag with your full name, email address (that is connected to your account at and mailing address.


What do I do if I got a Tidy Time bag from a friend?


Fill it and send it in! If they have an account with us they can fill out the postcard.


I am ready to send my Tidy Time Donation Bag how do I do it?


Print a return label and follow the emailed directions from Canada Post with this link: drop it off at your local Canada Post office OR take the bag to your local Canada Post office and let them do everything for you. Click here to find your nearest Canada Post location.


How does the Tidy Time BabyGaGaa Donor Rewards Program work?


Our Tidy Time Donor Rewards Program is on a yearly rotation upon receiving your first Tidy Time Donation Bag filled with usable clothing, gear, toys, and accessories. After, the 365 day rotation your Tidy Time Donation Bag count goes back to zero. If you donate 8 bags within the year filled with usable items, you will collect $70.00 CND dollars in savings! The codes for your donor rewards will be sent to you via email and maybe used at any time, you can only use one code at a time and they are used at check out. These coupons are used directly on product, since shipping is free. If you do not use all of the reward, you will not be able to use the remaining balance. Your rewards can be used towards, online product and in-store product. So, don't think twice on using our Tidy Time Program, get a bag and donate today! 


How long does it take for my items to arrive at


It all depends on the volume of deliveries that Canada Post is processing at the time. Of course, around holidays it is going to be busy. It usually takes three to seven business days.


What if I want items back from my donation bag?


By sending the Tidy Time Donation Bag in you are relinquishing all the rights to the contents of that bag. Our team will process it in the best possible way and all the items get used. However, we recommend that you check your bag before sealing it. Little fingers sometimes, slip things such as the television remote or the one of the kind floppy bunny into the bag; especially when you are not looking. Please feel free to call us, (705) 534-0034 or email us; if you are looking for items that are missing around the house.


Do you have a place that I can drop off my donations?


Yes, we do!

Babygagaa Boutique
Georgian View Shoppes
231 King Street
Midland, Ontario, Canada
L4R 3M1


What are the hours of operation at your store location?


Monday – Closed

Tuesday – 10am-3pm

Wednesday – 10am-3pm

Thursday – 10am-6pm

Friday – 10am-6pm

Saturday – 10am-6pm

Sunday - Closed


I am local how do I make an appointment?


Please call us at (705) 534-0034, to schedule an appointment.


Do you have products that I can purchase in your store?


Yes, we have products in our store that are not in our online market place.


Can I come into your store and request to see online items?

Yes, you can request to see items that are on our online market place. It takes a minimum of two business days to get your request processed and we will contact you when you can come in and view your products. We hold them for five days at the store for you to view, on the sixth day they return to our online market place and storage facility. You can contact us at contact tab, through Facebook Page, Call us (705) 534-0034 or email us at


How do I apply for a spot in the Babygagaa Showcase?


To be featured in the Babygagaa Showcase please contact us (705) 534-0034 or email us at

How do I get in contact with the business that is featured in the Babygagaa Showcase?

Click on the picture and it will automatically direct you to the information that you are enquiring about.

Do you have consignment at the store?

Yes, we do consignment of new handmade products, for kids from the ages of NB to 16 years old.

Are you looking for people to consign with

Yes, we are always looking for people to consign with us.

If my question is not answered here, how do I contact

Contact Information:

Babygagaa Boutique
Georgian View Shoppes
231 King Street
Midland, Ontario, Canada
L4R 3M1

Monday – Closed
Tuesday - 10am-3pm

Wednesday – 10am-3pm

Thursday – 10am-6pm

Friday – 10am-6pm

Saturday – 10am to 6pm

Sunday - Closed

Call us: (705)534-0034


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