Terms of Use

The following outlines the terms of use for Babygagaa.ca



We are humbled and thank you for previewing Babygagaa.ca. By utilizing or participating any of the tools, services, or the buy/sell program, you are agreeing to these terms of use with us. This agreement is effective 07/25/2016 for any registered members. Register members are people with authentic email address at Babygagaa.ca. Before becoming a member with Babygagaa.ca you must first read and agree with the terms of use and Privacy Policy.



When you register with Babygagaa.ca and become a member you represent and authorize to Babygagaa.ca that you have the understanding to form an obligatory bond and that you will provide Babygagaa.ca with accurate, accurate and complete registration information.

When you register with Babygagaa.ca, you will create, or be issued with, a username and password, which you will be accountable for. It is your sole responsibility to keep your password private, and avoid using your username and password in any manner that would allow a third party to access your account. Your username and password is your identity and Babygagaa.ca will act on any transaction used regardless if they are authorized by you.


Uses of Babaygagaa.ca

Limit one account per household.

While using the Babygagaa.ca website you agree, when Babygagaa.ca dose not credit items sent, due to terms stated at the time, you will not seek additional credit and will not request returns of any items.

Will not try change fee structure, billing process of fees.

Will not fraud membership information, while using Babygagaa.ca.

You will not distribute spam, chain letters or pyramid schemes.

Will not distribute and viruses that may harm Babygagaa.ca.

Will not hack, or collect information from any registered member.


Failure to abide by the terms of use of Babygagaa.ca

Babygagaa.ca reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or terminate any members access to their account due too; inactiveness, unconfirmed accounts, violations of terms of use, or action inconsistently with our policies. We reserve the right to take any technical or legal steps to prevent misuse of the babygagaa.ca website. Babygagaa.ca and our members must work together to keep our site safe and working properly. Please report problems, offensive content, and any violations to us.