Moms the Word Monthly Card Reading - February 2018

Mother and child reading for February 2018 - The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards By:Colette Baron-Reid Read more...

Mum's Monthly Card Reading - January 2018

This month is bringing new opportunities to work on you and then others will benefit also.... Read more...

What No One tells you About Adoption in Canada!

Let’s electrify a change for the children and youth who have experienced or are at risk of abuse, neglect and abandonment.Let’s transform their prospects for a brighter, successful future.Let’s stand up together for kids in care and that have aged out of care that are desperate for our support. Read more...

November 2017 Monthly Reading

November will be a time to just enjoy some me time... Read more...

Healing with the Fairies - August 2017 Monthly Card Reading

Well you put it out there that you wanted a new partner or a better partnership and here it goes. August is the month for relationships … Read more...
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