Sowing the Seeds of Life

Sowing the Seeds of Life

The rich earth is being warmed by the golden sun; today is the day we plant! As, I look out at the fresh earth I plan what I will be nurturing in my pure natural soil with my grandson. This is an event that I look forward to every year.

My grandson and I get out our pencils and graph paper, and the excitement lights up in his eyes for he knows what we are about to do, it’s our tradition. We map out our raised beds and start labeling which vegetables we will be planting, how many and where they will be planted.

We now know what vegetables to purchase; of course leaving room in our plan to plant things that we have never tried to grow before. This is a magical time for us, picking out our baby plants to watch them grow into a wondrous bounty.

Gardening is a great oppourtunity to teach my grandson about the basics of existence; through the education of the earth as being the foundation of life. If we prepare the earth to give our plants a solid foundation of nutrients and love, we will be able to enjoy our garden without having to tend to it so often; for the rest of the summer.

Manifest a sturdy foundation in life, build and nurture it. So, that you may have an easier road, just cultivate it and let it flow naturally and it will produce an incredible abundance.


When spending time with my grandson in the garden, it reminds him that we all need food, shelter and water; some more than other. Thus, humbling him and making him into a brilliant little human being. As we plant our seeds and baby plants into the garden, we ask mother earth to provide the nutrients from, the foundation that we prepared; so that it may teach my grandson that if you show love to the garden it will thrive. This also translates to the growth of our children. When you provide a good strong foundations and show them love; they will be balanced individuals.  Which, gives them a great start in life!

Throughout the summer we make sure the plants, have water and sunshine; that they are not compromised by weeds, insects or the weather. We love watching the fruits and vegetables grow, and transition into edible delicacies; to eat right at gardens edge or to prepare in our kitchen.

A garden is equivalent to raising a child, hoping that your labour produces fantastic fruit. An’ with a strong foundation it is always a positive outcome.