The Role of Father Figures WHY IT MATTERS...

The Role of Father Figures WHY IT MATTERS...

Father figures play an imperative part in a child’s growth from birth through adulthood. There is a distinct advantage based on numerous studies that children with an involved father figure excel socially and academically; than children that have male role models that are removed or distant. This also holds true if the father is living or not living with the family. It seems that how involved the father is the vital element and not where he lives relative to the child. 

Dad’s impact on his son 

-         helping prevent bad behaviour , experts from National Fatherhood claim that boys from single mothers have higher levels of aggressiveness 

-         having a father figure around reduces the risk of substance abuse…in young men…a positive adults provides emotional support, helps shape the boys identity and can influence their values when it comes to beliefs about right and wrong 

-         provide educational advantages: the child shows active, involvement, is more likely to get higher grades this is from a father figure that has a substantial presence in the boys life 

-         helps boys build self esteem, a father figure can impact a boys view of himself and his confidence 

-         so having a father figure in a boys life is substantial and gives them great confidence and many advantages

Dad's Impact on His Daughters 

-         genuine praise and admiration from a father can help his daughter grow up to be an independent, confident woman 

-         girls who had close, positive relationships with their fathers during the first five years of life tended to reach puberty later 

-         dads need to spend time with their infant daughters taking care of her physical needs and supporting her mom, once the little lady starts toddling around its essential that dad gets down on the floor, on her level and play with her 

-         girls who had more involved fathers were less likely to face mental health problems later in life 

-         from tween to teen: in tween years dad should focus on cultivating a trusting relationship (at 10 they learn trust) when necessary dads should apologize and ask for forgiveness as both show respect and love 

-         as a teen continue showing respect give affection and support as they learn together what she wants to be as an adult 

-         with verbal encouragement , being consistently present in her life being alert and sensitive to her feeling, taking time to listen to her thoughts and taking interest in her hobbies will help her self-image

However, someone other than the child’s birth father can deliver a positive male influence. Solo moms can find alternative role models for their boys and girls in an uncle, grandfather, or good friend. If no relations or close acquaintances are obtainable, then mentoring programs can provide a willing volunteer.



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