My Teddy Bear’s Name is Freddy, What’s yours?

My Teddy Bear’s Name is Freddy, What’s yours?

Every once and a while there is research that rematerializes that ten to thirty percent of adults sleep with their teddy bears and one third of youth have been found to take their teddy bears to college or university with them. So what is the appeal of a teddy bear, particularly when it is well-worn, dilapidated, and has been around forever?

Perhaps it’s the familiar touch, smell or feeling that their huggable buddy provides; welcomed relief when returning to your chamber, or the need of isolated support and comfort from the everyday stresses.

As we age continuity can be a significant consideration; adults find that holding on to their bears provides constancy, and the bear triggers the thoughts and feelings of familiarity. Snuggling their teddy is often a comforting part of a bedtime ritual when they were young; and makes them feel good. It might even now, help them prepare themselves for a good night sleep and provide reassurance that all is well.

Teddy bears are often attached to a youthful more carefree past, where there was less stress, demands and responsibilities; and lets them reminisce, but just for a moment about their contented childhood, a time of safety, security and happiness. An’ for the ones that did not have the greatest childhood the teddy may have been their only friend, their secret keeper and playmate. Protecting that familiarity is often very vital.

The teddy bear is never going to embarrass you. When sleeping with the cozy bear it does not care if you drool, snore, talk or become a contortionist in your sleep. The relationship that they have with their teddy is a tranquil and accepting.

Many people confide in their teddies, he/she knows everything about them, has probably witnessed the rollercoaster ride of life first stuffed paw. His/Her role is to be their silent absorbing tears, keeping promises, guarding secrets and witnessing the delights of triumph. All the while, providing no negativity, judgement or criticism, they accept us as we are. For better or for worse, this treasured quality gives the teddy added significance. The sympathetic characteristics allows people to work behind closed doors on difficulties, sort out individual decisions, and work through impasses and emergencies as they rationally come to a solution.

Often, for many people their relationship with their teddy bear is a private matter. They no longer need to be soothed and have developed coping strategies. However, for most the bedroom is their sanctuary, it is a safe place, where they can drown out the stressors of the day and are alone with their own thoughts. It can be a source of comfort to share a little time with their cuddly ones; or they may glance at their bear and remember a sentimental personal thought.  For numerous people sleep is the first area that suffers when you are stressed, whether it be emotional, spiritually or physically. Having a teddy bear can be a positive, supportive, loyal, comfort; especially during the lows in life. An’ they are often adorable, gaining personality, names, hobbies, likes and dislikes.


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