Those Golden Arches...What is in Our Food Canada?

Those Golden Arches...What is in Our Food Canada?

What’s in our food Canada?

That is a great question: McDonalds, which is the largest company that purchases potatoes, beef, pork and chicken; and therefore is the ruling body over these markets. This is why we have them being blasted by notorious people such as Chef Jamie Oliver criticising them and letting the public know that what is in their fast food. Almost everyone one on internet media has seen the post on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, CTV news, BBC news or The Organic Consumers Association; and just recently it has resurfaced again.


Chef Jamie Oliver claims that: That the protein flavour base is largely made of chicken feathers and hog hair. They use Carmic Acid that is derived from Asia Beetles to dye their food. The Mc nuggets are only 50% meat and the rest is fat, blood vessels, nerves, skin bones and cartilage. He claims that there are 19 ingredients in their french fries one of them is a chemical called “Dimethylpolysiloxane” this product is the main component in silly putty. It is also used in chalks, lubricants, adhesives, polishes, heat transfer fluids, and aquarium sealant. When cooked at high heat becomes a dangerous carcinogen, and in certain conditions can breakdown into more dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde known to cause diseases.

The United States McDonalds feeds 68 Million people in the States and their advertising campagnas directed largely at children and teens. Cultivating loyal customers when they are young. They sell 75 hamburgers every second to their target market.

Compared to McDonalds Canada are very transparent; to help the consumer stay connected to what they eat! McDonalds Canada purchases approximately annually $887 million in food and materials from over 100 suppliers across Canada. 

They buy from trusted brand name companies and they recognize the impacts of the large global supply chains are significant. Canadian McDonalds support the principle that animals should be free from cruelty, abuse and neglect while embracing the proper treatment of animals and addressing animal welfare issues. Canadian McDonalds is so much healthier then the Southern Neighbours in the States.

Canadian McDonalds quotes the following…..”McDonalds Canada sources 100% Canadian Beef from farms and ranches across the country for our hamburger patties. All our patties are made from 100% Canadian beef and have been since 2003. We use no additives or fillers; ….just a pinch of salt or pepper after the patty is cooked. McDonald Canada remains one of the largest purchasers of Canadian beef and continues to be a proud supporter of Canadian Beef Industry.”



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