April 2018 - The Enchanted Map, Oracle Cards, Colette Baron-Reid

April 2018 - The Enchanted Map, Oracle Cards, Colette Baron-Reid

The Enchanted Map

Oracle Cards

Colette Baron-Reid


Base: Ghostland

Live fully in the present. The “now” is the most powerful place to put your attention. Its magic reaches out in every direction, further than the heart and soul can see. So don’t set your sight to far ahead where there is no footing…and don’t live in the past, yesterday is gone forever.


Mom: Spirit of Place

We have a soul that we embody…just like the plants, trees, birds, mountains, animals have their own essences….so relax…let go the need to control a situation…then you will find the essential truth.


Child: Magical Map Shifter

The mission is to make you aware of the people who come into your life to impact your personal growth….pay attention who cross your path…..that cause you to reflect …be awake and aware and recognize them as important agents of change….they will help initiate a new vision of a better self.


Outcome: Strength

Strength is with you now…connect with it and channel the power…this refines your ideas and relationships. The combination of moms’ power to seeing deep inside all the energies and the child’s power to show everyone about connections that we make …gives us the strength to accomplish everything this month with some faith in higher power and little bit of magic.



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