March 2018: The Psychic Tarot – Oracle Deck By: John Holland

March 2018: The Psychic Tarot – Oracle Deck By: John Holland

Mom: The Waiting Game:  You have worked hard to set things into motion in certain areas in your life and now you are waiting for the results…..This is about choice and decision, expecting the best you are open to limitless power of your intuition. Trust it and use it…’s strong right now. Achievement and success are assured so stay on your spiritual path.

Child:  Suffering in Silence: This card means completion. This card is about letting go of limiting negative beliefs or letting issues in your life become bigger then they really are. Learn to let go of worry, despair, fear and a new path will open up to you…let go of mental stress. Reach out for help and take action, remember help is always available.

Together: Spiritual Union: This is an emotional bond, but this is really about you. Notice how you interact together. Is there an even exchange of energy…an equal balance ….an even exchange …your relationship mirrors image of your own life. They reflect how you feel and treat yourself…your union is an opportunity for soul growth…

Meaning: You as a parent try to hard to keep everything in control with your life …a balance of mental, spiritual and physical….you have this image that you think you need to keep in control…but your little one is there to show you that there is no way balance can be just yours and that you need to help them create balance for them also…help them they are searching for structure and need you guidance. Together you can help each other and grow to another level in your spirituality, mentality and the physical.

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