Cancer Child June 21st to July 20th

Cancer Child June 21st to July 20th
Cancer Child
June 21st to July 20th


Cancer children are free range happy go lucky kids, full of dreams and lots of imagination….so they love a good movie or dance to some great music.  Although they are shy and cautious, sometimes hiding in their shell, they love to be with others. They love to play alone and are not loud or boisterous…they are nurturing and caring to others and pets. Cancer children gravitate towards family which is very important to them, even as they grow up into adults.


Stuffed animals or dolls are a great play toy for these signs.  Pets that love to be snuggled are a good idea too. They love food and eating so a play kitchen will keep them busy for hours, plus ready to help in the real kitchen when they grow up….

These children love books and pictures books will help them learn to read a lot faster. Artistic by nature they love to color, paint and make collages so get out the coloring books and crayons and spend some great one on one quality time with your little one! 

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