The Aries Child

The Aries Child

The Aries Child
February 19
th to March 19th


Birthstone: Diamond
Element: Fire
Color: Red
Ruler: Mars
Quality: Cardinal
Angels: Malahideal and Ariel


This child is quiet and self possessed but as they grow older they discover their vocal chords and out come the super star, which needs plenty of attention. Aries rules the mind so they love puzzles and games.


They are fast moving and can be brutes so soft toys are great and they love toy cars and fire engines. They also love dressing up and make up so they can act out their adventures.


Aries tends to be bossy and likes to be the leader. They will organize games with the other kids, but they also need some alone time that helps their independents and temper mental moods. Give an Aries a prize or clap and cheer for them and they love it. But they are great at throwing a world class temper tantrum when they don’t get their way, so teach them early that things don’t always go their way.


Aries child is very smart and will understand reasoning at a young age. Because they are loyal and protective they come across like freedom fighters, but make sure they know who is the boss and they will cooperate if you talk to them at their level.


Great toys for an Aries child are outdoor or indoor games of any kind. They love puppet shows and performing on stage. They love anything to do with dancing and music in front of an audience.


Boys tend to enjoy cars big and small. They love to jump on jumpy castles and really enjoy the outdoor parks. They are really into running around at the beach and swimming.

Just make sure you give them plenty of time to get ready to leave or you will have a screaming child.


They love to play with playdoh, play sand and water tables and love to let their imagination soar. Arts and crafts also are something that will keep their busy minds going.


Angels that help your Aries Child


l: Angel of courage; helps with giving each child courage, stamina and hope. Malahideal is one of the angels from the Tree of Life and is involved in the matters of love. He brings confidence and courage of moving forward which helps to grow successful with new projects.


Archangel Ariel: “Lioness God” is known as nature angel. She oversees the protection and healings of plants and animals, as well as the earth elements such as water, wind and fire. She reminds us to spend time in nature that helps refresh and rejuvenate ones mind, body and spirit. This helps provide for a new and positive outlook on life.

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