The Pisces Child

The Pisces Child
Pisces Child
February 19th - March 20th

Flower: Violet

Colors: Sea Green, Lavender
Symbol: Fish
Kids Play

Pisces children love to be creative, so put out lots of art supplies…they love to draw, paint, glue and paste and they will sit quietly and create for hours. They also love sports, especially anything to do with the feet…so skating and dancing is on the top of the list.  Swimming is also a favourite sport.

Pisces child loves comfort and likes to spend time in the kitchen, baking cookies and cakes (they have a sweet tooth) with mom or grandmother.

Reading a good book is also a great past time. So start them early and visit the library.

Parenting Tips

Pisces need to feel safe in the world, so make sure your rules at home are clear and constant. Be firm about enforcing rules and stick to them. The Pisces child loves getting lost in the TV so turn it off often and let them use their imagination more.

Pisces child is very emotional and trusting…so teach them “stranger danger” early. Because they are so emotional and compassionate they tend to take on  a parenting role so make sure your child doesn’t grow up before his/her time.

These children are old souls, born with wise and knowing personalities. Their eyes may be dreamy but they see everything that’s going on. They seek attachments to people and animals rather than places and things. They need to be taught to believe in themselves to prevent them to becoming too clingy. Even if they are well adjusted and grounded they can not handle a 24/7 doses of reality so quiet time is a good idea.

February 2017
Card Reading for Pisces Child

Healing with the Angels 
By: Doreen Virtue

Truth and Integrity

Let your child be honest this month, tell them to tell the truth and just be themselves in all their actions and activities.
Answered Prayers

Our angels are there for the Pisces child…new opportunities are being put forth this month…so be extra observant, notice what you hear, say, think and feel…all your prayers are answered this month.

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